The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in the human body. it allows the shoulder to move forward and backwards and allows the arms to rotate, move up and away from the body. The rotator cuff is very important for a variety of shoulder movements. It is made up of four tendons which are the tissues that connect muscles to bones.

The shoulder joint is so important in our day-to-day life and is also quite fragile so when they feel painful it is very important that the problem gets treated the correct way. So, here are the 22 Most Asked Questions our Physical Therapists get from patients with shoulder pain.

1. What kind of physical therapy is used for shoulders?

Exercise for Stability and strength, flexibility and Manual therapy for Range of Motion, Physical agents, electrotherapeutics, Ultrasound, and Laser for pain, just to name a few.

2. What should I expect for shoulder PT?

Massage, exercise, posture, and therapeutic exercise.

3. How long is physical therapy for the shoulder?

Depends on what the injury is. A minor sprain or strain may last 7-10 days, an ACL tear can last up to a full year.

4. What does a physical therapist do for shoulder pain?

Uses multiple modalities to treat pain, ROM, strength, and function

5. What is the best exercise for shoulder pain?

Usually, exercises below the level of the shoulder are tolerated first. Rows, curls, and tricep extension as well as internal and external rotation.

6. What exercises are good for shoulder impingement?

There are a few types of shoulder impingements and are all treated slightly differently from a primary or secondary impingement to an internal impingement.

7. Can I lift weights with shoulder impingement?

Yes, but the amount of weight and technique are everything. Start light and perfect technique is a must. Start with below the shoulder exercise first as it’s safer.

8. What can cause shoulder pain without injury?

Repetitive strain injuries that happen over time. Infection and inflammatory disorders like frozen shoulder.

9. When should I worry about shoulder pain?

Anything traumatic should be evaluated by a professional but if the pain is not going away within one week and possibly getting worse it’s time to get an examination and treatment plan from a physical therapist.

10. How do I get my shoulder to stop hurting?

Electric Stimulation, Ice, anti-inflammatories, and gentle ROM

11. What is shoulder pain a sign of?

It can be a sign of repetitive strain injury but also a diaphragm, spleen, or heart attack depending on what shoulder.

12. What does bursitis in the shoulder feel like?

Pain with movement above the shoulder or with compression to the joint.

13. What does arthritis in the shoulder feel like?

A lack of full ROM secondary to joint degradation, cracking or grinding with a range.

14. What is end-stage arthritis of the shoulder?

Cartilage is so worn down that bone is on the bone without any fluid or cushioning. The next step is joint replacement

15. What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the shoulder?

A lack of full ROM secondary to joint degradation, cracking or grinding with a range that has eroded the joint space over time

16. What does rheumatoid arthritis in the shoulder feel like?

This is similar to the feeling of osteoarthritis with an enhanced systemic inflammatory response usually affecting other joints.

17. Why do my shoulder and upper arm hurt?

If not from trauma, The top three reasons are rotator cuff injuries, bicep tendon injury, or labral tears

18. What causes shoulder pain that radiates down the arm?

This can be related to a herniated disc in the neck or cervical spine

19. What is the best painkiller for shoulder pain?

We use anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, naproxen sodium but and MD may prescribe toroidal a behind-the-counter product with a prescription needed.

20. How do you massage a sore shoulder?

Work on the major muscles. Traps, biceps, triceps, rotator cuff tendons, and the deltoid muscle

21. Should I heat or ice my shoulder?

If after acute trauma use ice. After 4-8 hrs start using heat. When sore go with ice but other than that use heat for enhanced Blood flow.

22. What is the best exercise for shoulder pain?

There are a number of great exercises for shoulder pain, your main focus should be to strengthen the rotator cuff. However, they should be done with very low weight or a resistance band.