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Chinese Medicine Treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is thousands of years old and has changed little over the centuries. Its basic concept is that a vital force of life, called Qi, surges through the body. Any imbalance to Qi can cause disease and illness. This imbalance is most commonly thought to be caused by an alteration in the opposite and complementary forces that make up the Qi. These are called yin and yang. Balance between health and disease is a key concept. TCM treatment seeks to restore this balance through treatment specific to the individual.

Treatment to regain balance may involve Acupuncture, Moxibustion (the burning of herbal leaves on or near the body),Cupping (the use of warmed glass jars to create suction on certain points of the body) Tuina Massage, Gua Sha, acupuncture, Herbal remedies and liniments, Movement and concentration exercises (such as tai chi ands qigong) as well a medical qigong.