1. You Will Burn More Fat And Calories If You Exercise At A Lower Intensity For A Longer Duration! VS. High Intensity for Shorter Durations!A man running to burn calories

Mythbuster: It is far more important to worry about total calories burned in an exercise session vs. what fuels you have burned. More exercise means more fat burned.

2. Intense, Regular Exercise Helps Boost Your Immune System!

Mythbuster: It is moderate exercise that boosts and strengthens the immune system not intense exercise, which may depress the immune system.

3. You Can Lose Weight Around Your Stomach By Performing Abdominal Exercises.

Mythbuster: The only way to lose abdominal fat is through aerobic exercise and a proper diet. Exercises for the abs do not remove fat from that region. There is no such thing as “spot reduction”.

4. An Increased Heart Rate Is A Sign Of Improved Fitness.

Mythbuster: It is a lower heart rate that is the sign of a trained heart. An efficient heart beats less times per minute and is strong enough to get blood everywhere with less effort.

5. If You Want To Lose Weight, Stay Away From Strength Training Because You Will Bulk Up!

Mythbuster: It is well known that a small increase in muscle mass from strength training increase your metabolism and helps you lose more weight not less!

6. Exercise Must Be Continuous To Be Of Any Benefit!

Mythbuster: From recent research, we now know that exercise does not always have to be continuous. It is the sum total of calories burned throughout the day that is important.

7. To Recruit Fast Muscle Twitch Fibers, You Need To Move Fast & Explosive!

Mythbuster: To recruit fast twitch muscles it is about intensity not speed of movement.

8. Stretching Before A Workout Helps Prevent An Injury!

Mythbuster: There are no hard core facts that stretching prevents against an injury, all we can do is hope. Stretch as a possible prevention.

9. You Should Work A Muscle Out Every Day.

Mythbuster: If you worked your muscle out good enough the day before you should not want to work it out again. Let It Recover. Recovery is just as important as the workout.

10. When You Stop Working Out Your Muscles Turn Into Fat.

Mythbuster: After you stop working out with weight, your muscle does not turn into fat. What happens is you eventually develop more fat than muscle and that’s what shows. Muscles cells don’t miraculously turn into fat cells!

11. It Takes Twenty Minutes To Start Burning Fat When Doing Aerobic Exercise

Mythbuster: In Actuality, you start burning fat within three minutes of exercise!

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