Healthy living should be a way of life

For some people, healthy living can be a challenge but this is especially true for overweight and obese people. Sometimes this can be a difficult and even painful task for them. Being in shape is not a matter of beauty but important for your health and a comfortable existence.

Anybody partaking physical exercise should seek medical and professional guidance. Why not call us to discuss this further.

Obesity, Exercise and Food

The main goal is to reduce weight. Below are few points to be focused on for overcoming the obesity.

Motivation is crucial; an important ingredient for any weight loss plan is that you are fully committed and really want to lose weight. You really need to find ways of keeping a positive mental attitude.

Set realistic goals within a realistic timescale. Nothing will change overnight. It will take some time but with desire and discipline and keeping your eye on the end goal you will make it.

If you feel you’re too overweight to do jogging or other exercises then try shedding a few pounds by changing your diet, avoid sugary drinks, switch to skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, increase the intake of green tea etc.

Focusing on your diet and make small changes – You will burn fat if you use more energy than you consume, it’s a simple logic.

Keep your macronutrient ratios (amount of Carbs, Fat and Protein) well-balanced.

Fats are not ‘bad’, you require a specific amount of fat in your diet for everything to function properly. So, consult your dietician to get a proper diet chart.

Don’t get discouraged when you fail to maintain the initial rate of weight loss. Most diets see an larger drop in weight in the initial period.

Associate the hungry feeling with the progress you are making towards weight loss.

Keep your exercises simple. Over stretching yourself may act to demoralize you.

You don’t need to do squats, simply stand up and sit back down into a chair? At the beginning doing this ten times could equal your set of squats for the day.

Practice lower impact exercise – Don’t jog; just walk as this may prove exhausting enough. Build up to jogging over time.

Long Slow cardio is a really easy way to boost your total energy output.

Try swimming as this really helps weight loss. If not just walk in the water at about mid-chest level or maybe even practice water aerobics.

Need Help with Your Weight Loss?

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